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Whether it is your first child or your fifteenth, there is nothing greater than the joy and excitement that surrounds a new baby. Even before the baby arrives there are many photo opportunities. We do tasteful, traditional Madonna (maternity) photo shoots. We do husband and wife pregnancy shoots, and if you have other children there is no greater image than the wonder of a young child touching moms belly with anticipation of the new brother or sister that is soon to come.

Precious Parts

Once the baby is born we must capture every detail from their nose to their toes. This is our precious parts shoot where we photograph their hands, feet, eyes, ears and of course those naked baby butts…!

With The Family

Get the whole family involved, mom holding baby, dad holding baby plus the new family portrait.

The 1st Year

Many changes will happen in that first year. They grow almost daily, before you’re eyes. Many of our customers have a sitting every month for that first year, just to capture each stage of development. As a bare minimum we recommend that you come in at birth, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and the 1 year mark.


Children’s photography is not always about trying to capture that perfect smile, but often times the capturing of the essence of a child at that moment in time in his or her life. A big laugh, a silly smile, a pouty lower lip, a slightly raised brow…all subtle emotions expressed through your child’s face in a way that only you can recognize and understand.

They Grow Up So Fast

The old saying is true “children grow up so fast” and your photographs are your only record of all of those changes, so don’t rely on schools pictures and department store studios to capture those memories.

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